Sad goose


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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
Several times now as we've sat at the nearby lake fishing, we've seen flights of Canada geese come over, and there is a very large gray goose, maybe a Toulouse? And he or she calls to the wild geese as they fly in, honking. We feel sorry for him/her because she/he obviously thinks (I'll say he) he is or should be one of them. He swims after them. Surprisingly, yesterday when a skein of wild geese flew in to land in the lake, the gray goose was actually flying with them! He's a fat, gray, barnyard goose and so of course he wasn't up high, but he was actually keeping up with them - at least for a time. Tonight, he was in the lake calling after them again. Can a domestic goose of that kind breed with Canada geese? Would there be babies? We feel so sorry for the poor goose, always calling after the wild ones. Anyone see this before?
Since he is domestic any chance of you adopting him? Then you can get him a mate he’ll be safe and have a real home. Yes domestic geese and Canada geese can mate. And have goslings together. But they migrate he probably won’t :(

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