Sadly, it is time to make the call. Any experiences for the most painless death of a pet chicken?


9 Years
Dec 14, 2013
Hello Backyard Chicken family,

I have a 10+ year old white polish hen who do not think will recover. Her egg sac is extremely bloated with either being egg bound or ovarian cancer. I have tried soaking her in a warm tub, bringing her inside, and adding a little bit of olive oil to her diet. Nevertheless, her condition continues to get worse as she refuses to drink and barely eats. She is so old that so might be too weak to lay an egg or ovarian cancer has taken her reproductive system. I don't want her to be in any more pain.

I don't own a gun that can shoot her, snapping the neck position would be an extremely stressful position to hold her in since she would panic, I just couldn't look her in the face while chopping the head off, and I feel as though CO2 poisoning would be traumatic due to death by suffocation.
This bird is the last chicken to survive from my very first flock, so she is dearly loved. She has lived a wonderful long life of over ten years.

Is there any chance there is some sort of medication that I can give her to cause her to sleep/relax/become unconscious?
Only then, is when I think I could use an axe on her to make sure she is calm and unaware of what I am going to do.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I completely understand if there are no other options. I will do what I must to ensure that she receives humane treatment in her current condition.

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