sadly, the chicks arrived today


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Apr 27, 2010
Dacono, CO
We ordered our chicks through SandHill Preservation Center. I do not, in any way, hold them responsible. However, out of the 27 chicks sent, only five are at this moment alive. It was so heartwrenching to open that box and see all those dead bodies inside. And now, I am left feeling sad for the ones that died, upset because this happened, and guilty because if I hadn't ordered them, this might not have happened. If I would have waiting for, say, a July shipment maybe they would still be alive. Technically we had six alive, but one was struggling just to breathe and its eyes were never open. I put that one out of its misery the quickest way I know how, but that is not something I would wish on anyone. For a first time chick owner, this was quite a blow. Lets see if we can manage to keep the five alive that we currently have!

Matthew Ryan

p.s. I ordered 15 BO, 5 SPW and 5 BLRW and because they were out of the SPW they sent 9 BLRW, 2 BW, 11 BO and 5 Blue JG's. It appears that only the 2 Buff Wyandottes and 3 of the BJG's actually made it. My whole reason for ordering from them was the BLRW and they didn't make it! (Also because they were organic, but mainly the first thing)

ETA: Just got off the phone with USPS customer service. Apparantly two day delivery is standard from IA to CO when shipping express. How express is that?
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What a terrible first-time experience! I'm so sorry.... what do you think happened???? The heat? Are you dipping beaks in room temp water with electrolytes in it? I dont know anything about Sandhill's policys but I hope u plan on contacting them with the sad news. Maybe they will replace them. I got my very first order of chicks last week from MPC.... they all arrived alive thank goodness, but I lost one a few hours later and I lost a very tiny blue silkie at a week old. I ordered from MPC because they were the closest one to me and I was very worried about shipping time. I had a two month wait for these chicks because of the breeds I ordered. Good luck!!!!!!
I have, left a brief message and sent a more detailed email. Unfortunately, since they are people who work off the farm as well as do what they do, they are only available to answer the phone at certain times.

Yes, they sent them on Tuesday the 1st. I specified and paid for express mail, but express mail is a 1-2 day delivery, depending on where you live. Apparantly for colorado its a 2day from Iowa. However, they were not dropped off at the post office until 4pm, and there is nothing on the box that says "live animals". Is there supposed to be?
I understand what both of you are saying about the heat, but it has been rather cool here the last few days, not hot. So, I don't know if it was hot anywhere else along the trip, but here no. And I dipped their beaks in the water first thing when we got them home, at least the ones that arrived alive.
thank you all for your concern, its very much appreciated!
The box should have been labeled live animals and they should have contacted you. The heat can definitely play a major part when they get over heated they sometimes don't survive, but the box should have been labeled.

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