Safely using a brooder light outside


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
What is the safest way to plug in your brooder light outside to make sure it doesn't short out, overheat, blow up or something like that. Originally we were going to put the 'teenage' brooder in our covered carport but that outlet doesn't trip and I worry about that. But it makes much more sense to put them on our front porch. It's covered, very deep, no chance of them getting wet at all and the outlet works correctly. Should I use a heavy duty extension cord? One of those big plastic things you plug stuff into and then plug that in (the name escapes me at the moment) or just directly in?

Does moisture (like, if its raining) present a problem for the bulb?
Instead of using a light, can you find a ceramic heat emitter bulb? They screw into sockets just like a light bulb but are ceramic - many people use them for reptiles (big box name pet stores usually carry them, or online ordering). I have had mine for over 10 years. I do not have to worry about water flicking on it, it over heating or blowing up.

I would use a heavy duty extention cord if I had to use one - and keep it away from the chicks

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