Saipan Jungle Fowl from Ideal Hatchery

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    Has anyone bought Saipan Jungle Fowl from Ideal? I'm hoping to get a new breed of chickens in the spring--- I'm down to about 5 of my old flock--- and was thinking of either Saipan Jungle Fowl or Thailand from Ideal.

    I realize that hatchery chicks are not going to be as true to type as birds from a breeder. But I've bought from Ideal before and got some good birds from them at a good price (which is the most important factor).
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    Jan 27, 2009
    I would be concerned about keeping jungle fowl in UP Michigan. I would think that unless you kept them in a semi heated area that you are going to have birds that will have frozen combs and such. I would check with your State thread and ask other folks from MI about this first. After that most hatcheries have about the same quality of chicks.
  3. nissa_loves_cats

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    I've raised chickens of various sorts here for nearly 20 years, including some with large single combs. They all seem able to get through the winter all right.

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