Salmon/Blue Salmon & White Faverolles- Houston local p/u or ship?


13 Years
Mar 22, 2007
Near Houston, TX
Hatching eggs- one of lifes little miracles!

These are quality birds with exceptional health and vigor. We are TPIP certified. My chickens are well cared for with clean housing and an excellent diet. Many BYCers have been to the farm and each one has been impressed with our flocks and our farm.

For more information about our chickens and our farm visit us at

Your can have up to 18 eggs for one shipping price. Eggs are $45 for 18, $30 for 12 and $20 for 6 plus the $15 for the USPS. If you are sure you want them at this price just need to bid!

Faverolles are a rare breed listed as endangered by the Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We are members of the Conservancy and desire to see this breed survive. We really enjoy raising this breed for their gentle personalities as well as their uses as both an egg layer and a meat bird. We have carefully bred and raised them for several years. We currently have quality salmon roosters over some very nice hens that are copper salmon in color. Our line does carry recessive white so white chicks are a possibility. We know that you will come to love these birds the way we do. We also raise Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas and Black Copper and Golden Cuckoo Marnas and eggs can be combined any way that you would like if they are available.



I see in one of the pictures that you have Crele OEGs, atleast thats what they look like to me. Do you ever sell eggs from them? If so I would be interested in some at the end of June.
Thanks.. I was just looking at her other auction and noticed. They are absolutely beautiful!! I love anything that is Crele.

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