Salmon Faverolle and Splash Marans Cross ?!?!?!


10 Years
Jul 31, 2012
Roanoke, Virginia
I have a Salmon Faverolles rooster and a splash Marans hen. She was sitting on some eggs and one of them happened to be her own. The eggs hatched out today and the one that was hers kinda looks blue with the faverolle "white" underneath the body And also the little beard/muff is whiteish yellow as well. I was wondering if anyone else has this cross, or if anyone could tell me what colors it might be? I can't figure out to save my life how to use the chicken color calculator :/
The chick will be blue in some way. Salmon (black) x splash will give all blue offspring. Is the hen a solid splash or a splash copper? Solid splash hen should result in solid blue chicks. Splash copper will give blue patterned redshouldered/cream -necked/birchen pullets and blue patterned yellow/golden -necked/birchen cockerels according to the chicken calculator.
My blue baby is doing great !! If it is a rooster or a hen, either way I will be keeping it. If it is a rooster, I will breed it to my splash Marans girl and the chicks will be blue/ splash. If it is a hen, I will obviously let it breed to my Faverolles rooster and get black/blue chicks !! So either way to me it is a win win situation :) I am beyond excited !

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