Salmon Faverolle Habits


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Sep 16, 2014
Central Washington
Hello, I have a mixed flock of 20 hens who are 12 weeks old. 4 days ago, I started to let them out to free range during the day. The Salmon Faverolle is the only one who doesn't come into the coop at night without me carrying her or leading her in.
Anyone else have a SF that is a "night owl"?
Can you lock the Fav in the coop for a couple of days, or will that deny services needed for your other birds?

Yeah it's a bummer about the coloring, but my birds are great fun anyway. They're very friendly and are laying well. My first-to-lay hen also just went broody which I'm pretty excited about.
My SF is definitely not the laid back girl the breed is known for. She somewhat bullies my Dominique and mutt that are below her in the order. Sometimes I think she likes to defy me a little, but ultimately he knows I'm queen bee. Is there enough roosting room? I second closing her in a few days is possible.
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Yes, she is sort of at the bottom of the pecking order. I have only one hen that likes to boss the others, and she picks on this one the most. But, hurray! she made it in to the coop unassisted tonight! :)

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