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Jul 21, 2016
Magna, UT
We are looking for someone in the Salt Lake Valley area interested in trading a laying hen for our rooster, Cupcake. He is a White Leghorn. He was 20 weeks old as of 8/7/2016. He is turning out very handsome and treats our 5 hens well, but we got him as a chick in the hopes that he was an egg laying hen. Surprise! He's a rooster.

He's my 5 year old son's chicken, so he got to choose the breeds of hen we would be willing to take in trade. His breed preferences, in order of first choice to, "that would be okay" are:

White Leghorn
American Game Bantam
Jersey Giant
Swedish Flower Chicken
Super Blue Egg Layer
Golden Sex Link
Rhode Island White
Rhode Island Red
Flarry Eyed Gray

We only have room in our coop for one hen after Cupcake gets a new home. That said, if you're in the Salt Lake Valley area and would like to trade a hen from one of the breeds listed above for our White Leghorn Rooster, reply to this post and we'll work out the details of where to trade, when, etc. Thank you!

Just an update, Cupcake gave his first experimental crow this morning, 8/9/2016.
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