Salt Water Brine--please help ASAP! Thanks.

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11 Years
Jun 17, 2011
Benton City, WA

DH and I processed our first meatie tonight. Beautifiul carcass, huge breast, 7 wks old and dressed at 6.75 lbs. I have it in a large pan in the fridge with salt water. Is it ok to leave it in the water overnight?. Thought I'd cut it up in the morning and leave it to rest in the fridge 3-4 days. Please help, is it ok to be on the brine water 12 hours?
I would not see a reason why you can't leave it over night. Personally, I put chicken in a brine over night before frying the next day. I don't see this any different.
Ok- So I have a question along this line... We butchered/processed 18-19 chickens yesterday late afternoon/early evening. I have 8 of them in buckets of salt water brine- do I need to pull them out tonight and rinse and dry them and repackage for aging in the fridge?! Thanks
So how weak/strong a brine are you folks using?

I know our rule of thumb up here for brining alewives before smoking them is enough salt to float a potato. I suspect that's a little strong for birds.

But, seriously, how much salt?

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