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    Jul 27, 2011
    south jersey
    Hi all (I apologize if this is posted in wrong spot....I really stink at choosing where to post) This is my chickens first snow (and my first snow having chickens) I need to salt my steps and pad so my dog wont break a leg or something worse. I bought that driveway salt that says its safe for animals,but I want to be absolutely sure its ok if my chix decide to eat it. Does anyone else use this stuff?
    I do have some kosher salt and some sea salt but it is not as effective. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated t/y..craig
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    I wouldn't worry to much about it.

    My best guess is that they will at least try it out to see if it is the best thing ever to eat.

    I would also guess that they will self regulate.

    I would think is probably not the best thing in the world for them, but I would think they will be fine.

    Good luck, spring is coming...........
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    Salt is salt pretty much. Some is just more "pure" than others. They'll be fine if they decide for some reason to eat the driveway salt.

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