8 Years
Nov 11, 2012
is the black cockeral a sumatra i got him at a couple weeks old and was told i was buying a samatra but now im told it might be just a yard chicken now im comfused could it be a samatra or is it just a yard chicken
sumatras have pea combs that has a single comb
heres a pic of one of my sumatras

this is a dunn pullet but it shows the comb well

this is the black roo, see the black skin also

he might be a australorp or jersey giant what color of feet and a good side picture would help
give me a second and i will take some more pictures he is still young (guessing it is a roo because the guy i bought him thinks he was when i got him) not even crowing yet
how long does it take for the long feathers to grow in he is probully 3 months old i think maybe 4
the black roo picture I posted is a yr old in that picture and was about to molt. He lost his tail within the following week.

Do you know what color of feet bottoms it has
on better pics mm what color are the bottoms of the feet? it is pure sumatra or a mix since I can now see it is pea comb
it has a single comb, you can tell in the last pic that it is a single comb...looks very gamy like oegb gamy. also looks like a pullet and not a cockerel
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his feet are the same color as legs a paleish blackish or dark grey and you think it might be a hen? i took a couple more pictures he/she is chilling on my bad right now watching chicking run with me lol


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