Sambals story


Jul 13, 2021
This is sambal,
She is special in more than one way..she is a frizzle cochin+silkie mix and
it defenitely shows! One side of her is silkie, and the other one is frizzle like her mom..
split exactly in the middle.Some of her toes did not grow right so she just has a very tiny toe nail
instead..Jumping is not her thing so she sleeps on the floor(i put her on the stick together with the others).
Walking upstairs to the chicken sleeping hut can take her 15+ minutes because she doesnt seem to understand
how the stairs work,she will do her special head movement to investigate how to climb up(turning her head completely upside down)
and eventually use the stairs as they are meant to be used!
She laid her first egg at 1.5 years,her sisters started at around 6 months.I threw a party for her when she had that egg and was very proud! It even had a strange shape,to match her well..everything.
She had an ear infection,skin mold that have all been treated and healed , she patiently sat through her treatments like an angel.A dog caught her once and she lost a big part of her skin of her butt,after about 2 weeks she looked like nothing happened.I like to call her indestructible. Despite her mental and physical differences she is very sassy and no chicken dares to mess with her!


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