same hen....different problem sort of.....


8 Years
Apr 2, 2011
NW Ohio
To those that know, I had/have an injured or was an eggbound hen. She has laid 2 eggs, so I doubt it anymore.

She has been recouping for 2 weeks,alone, sperated form the flock, and need to get her back in.

I have been told it is near impossible to do so from members on here. I held out faith.

She seemed so much better as far as the leg injury went, so moved her out to just outside the run, in a crate, took her in the coop at night in a crate.

Today moved her outdoor crate to the inside run. They were fine. She needed to lay so bad this morning, and so I took her into the coop, stuck her in a nest box, and after a while she laid an egg. Went pale, comb and wattles, which I have seen, but this was different. Then after about 20 minutes she got out, and jumped down, and just stood there.She looked near death, and honestly thought I was going to lose her. Her eyes kept shutting, and so pale.

After another 20 minutes, she was walking, but like in a stupor. I tried to coax her outside, and she made it to the pop door, an again, just stood there. My guess at this time was she was in pain.

She came out eventually, and after a couple attacks from the hens, I decided since I had to leave for work, it was best to put her in the crate.

Came home from work tonight, and my husband mentioned why I let her out? I didn't. I must have left the crate door unlatched, and she got out.

Ran to check on her. She is not bloodied as I expected to find her, but she had made it to the poop board, and the others were not letting her up on the roost.

I do feel her leg at this point will never heal. I don't have the money to make a seperate little coop, and block off part of this new run just for her. I wish I did. She seemed so much better, but that jump must have sent her into almost shock.

What are my options? If a major injury happens that I need to cull, may I ask how to do this. Humanely? Should I anyways?

I picked her up, and put her on the other low roost we added, for the night. I will put her in the crate tomorrow, bought a nest box today at work, so she at least can feel like a hen laying an egg.

Should I just put her out of her misery? Give her a few more weeks in a low level envirorment??

HELP !!!!

One last question.....why do they say rehome, but then say one hen can usually not be introduced into an already existing flock? Confused.....

Thanks in always.....

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