SAME Humidity? & more RE: Duck/Chicken EggsPLEASE HELP

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    I have duck & chicken eggs in the "same" incubator, today is 1st day with the hygrometer. (49-50) & temp(98) *Is this ok? Both duck & chicken eggs been in incubator since 1/20th (6days). ~I only have "1" Incubator. (little Giant w/air fan kit & auto turner) *I Need to separate duck/chicken eggs, What should I do?? I SHOULD HAVE got more info before jumping into this, I really messed up!! I feel real bad for taking the eggs from the nests, I Should have left them alone! [​IMG] THE MORE I TRY TO SEARCH & READ, THE MORE CONFUSED I GET ON WHAT I SHOULD DO. So PLEASE can Anybody tell me "Exactly" what I need to do. Thank you, Julie
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    This is the incubation chart that I use, hasnt failed me yet. You cannot incubate chicken and duck eggs at the same time because the length of incubation differs with different species. As you can see from the chart below, the relative humidity is up to 15% different as well as the humidity for the last three days of incubation. These numbers are not cast in stone, and alot depends on your incubator settings, skill level, and the eggs' genetic make-up. A couple degrees off throws off the incubation period and you are most likely looking at a big failure!!! Dont want to sound discouraging, but I think I would of left the duck eggs in the nest.

    Species Incubation Temp (F.) Relative Humidity Stop

    Period Forced Air Humidity Last 3 Days Turning Eggs

    Large Fowl 21 days 99.5 60-65% 80-85% 19th day

    Bantams 21 days 99.5 60-65% 80-85% 19th day

    Games 21 days 99.5 60-65% 80-85% 19th day

    Ducks 28 days 99.5 70-75% 90-95% 26th day

    Muscovy 35-37 days 99.5 70-75% 90-95% 34th day

    Geese 28-30 days 99.5 70-75% 90-95% 27th day

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