San Diego Meet Up June 2, 2012

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    June 2nd , from the time the roosters crow until the cows come home!! The Serama show starts at 9:30, and will probably go until 3pm, 100 entrants expected! We'll say 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, but of course, you can come earlier and leave later!

    Our very own SunnyCalifornia (Chaili) is in charge of the Serama show and has welcomed us with open arms!! We can set up near their event but make sure that we have a clear division between us & our birds and theirs. As All-American-Chick said, the local Ramona Wranglers 4H group will be BBqing burgers and hot dogs for lunch with the money raised going to the 4-H club. Maybe we could bring a desert and snacks to share if you want. There will be a raffle and silent auction to benefit the Serama Club. It would be a nice gesture for those of us that are able to donate something. Please contact Chaili directly at [email protected] and let her know that you have something to donate.

    In addition Chaili said "We have some special guest speakers coming from Ohio and Florida to give demonstrations and lectures, people flying in from Washington just to see the event, it will be chicken, chicken, chicken from sun up to sun down." Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    I still have name tags from the last meet up. Bring a folding chair just in case we need it. Better to be prepared. All birds should have a cage or something to contain them in during the event.

    The Serama Club will be there bright and early to secure their spots. Can we get a volunteer to get there early for our group and stake out a nice shady spot for us? Bring a folding chair for yourself just in case were not able to secure a table/benches.

    This is going to be an amazing meet up folks!! If you want to let folks know what birds or eggs you're bringing just add it to the thread. I'll edit the announcement and try to keep a running list of things.

    ChickenRfun257-Ill be there with about 70 chicks for sale but will be busy showing my wife will be in charge of selling.Will bring some project birds (out of heat), Blacks AMS, Frizzled Show polish,Smooth polish, mutts, Easter eggers and probably more.
    dfdesigns - I may have some various birds for sale at the meetup; I will have to wait and see how things sex out in the next few weeks!
    Phage - I should be at the meet-up and may bring chicks: cream legbar pairs,swedish flower hens, ameraucanas, olive eggers,cuckoo marans and probably project chicks including blue egg layers: cream legbar x wheaten ameraucanas, leghorn and brabanter. Also have some pea fowl eggs cooking if anyone is interested, but they are not due to hatch until after the meet-up.
    perchie.girl-very hopeful
    MR. All-American-Chick - Feta,Merinated feta (all the herbs came from my garden), Lemon curd~ Chicks: BCM, Brahma, 1 Iowa Blue, Blue Sex Link and some mixed, including bantams. ~ Duck Eggs~Possibly quail eggs for hatching.
    Knock Kneed Hen
    RHRanch-If I come to the meet-up I may bring Pairs of Cotton Patch geese (breeders) - I will only bring if I get some interest.), 5 Feathered out Black (Cayuga/runner mix?) Crested Ducklings, Bantam Olive/green eggers (1 lavender, 1 black) ,Possibly mille fluer cochin chicks and/or Coturnix quail.,Possibly lavender Modern eggs
    froggiesheins -
    YeOldeBarn6 - Soaps, flaxseed hot/cold pillows and home-made jams and jellies.
    chef glenn - Fresh roasted coffee beans for sale
    luvinbluechickens - blue Ameraucana rooster
    jules4fun -
    WFF -
    WhiteMountainsRanch -
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    The Frog will be there too! Can't wait to combine fun +more fun = lotsa fun! :yesss:
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    I would love to go! I need to meet some people around San Diego who are into chickens :) I won't know anyone but what the heck :) I would be happy to bring a dish and I'm looking for a frizzle so let's do this !
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    Jun 19, 2014
    Anyone out there still apart of this group?? Anything going on in San diego these days?? Just moved my 9 hens and 1rooster out of the cold from KC I think they like the sunshine!!!
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    Im new to the group and getting some chicks for easte. Wiuld love to do meetups local

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