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I have read good, great and not-so-good things about them. I've poured over their website and recently received their catalog.
The main issue I have is there are no pictures of their birds at either source.
If anyone has birds from Sand Hill and has pictures to share PLEASE Do.

I have my first order from them coming next month, I can't wait for my chicks!
Sandhill is the only hatchery that I will buy from. At least they try to breed for standard not quanity. I have purchased their cochins, polish, orps,giants and more I have not been disapointed yet. In fact I took my blue cochin hen to a show and she took a 1 place. I dont think you will be disappointed with your chicks.
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here is a pic of my sandhill white cochin roo marshmellow

my blue cochin hen doodle
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If you can get a copy of the book "Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds" Sandhill provided some of the birds. In the back there is a credit list of who provided which breeds for photos. There are actually quite a few from Sandhill, maybe a third.

I am ordering from them as well; I like their offerings, they are close, and I agree with their mission of preserving breeds and plants.
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A few years ago I was going to order from them, sent about four or five emails with no response
so I went else where. I am also having the same problem now with a breeder in FL he emailed me a couple of times now nothing guess he don't want to sell anything
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I really love my guys and gals. I have mixed flock some are just mixed breeds and the remainder are purebred rare breeds. They bring me a lot of joy just watching them.
Polish Blue and Buff from SandHill Preservation



The Campine, Sumatra, and other long tailed birds came from Ideal. The rest came from SandHill.
I love my Blue Jersey Giants best. They are from Sandhill. They hatched in October. I have about twelve and most were pullets.







I've only had one order from them that was for Black Jersey Giants, Delawares, and White Midget turkeys. I am well pleased with all of them, especially the Jersey Giants as they're by far larger than any I've had any other hatchery I've ever bought them from.

They're a small outfit though and perpetually behind on communications so you have to be tolerant of this. I'll order from the again in the future.

Thanks for helping me out
, I guess I will order the chicks I need from Sand Hill since I finely found out how to order from them , The guy in FL just lost out on a $300.00 order since he wouldn't let me know anything
Sand Hill is not a hatchery, which is why their birds are better already off the bat. They are a small group of folks that work to preserve certain breeds. I have yet to get birds from them because the breeds I want are sold out EVERY YEAR! I guess I should just get in line but I don't know what space I will have when they do become available.
I do get my seeds from them! I ordered my spring seeds in January and got them two weeks ago, so plenty of time. You have to get your orders in early with them and just be patient. Understanding that this is all done after their 9-5 life is essential.

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