Sand in a pen with ducks and chickens? Advice?


11 Years
May 8, 2011
Do you find that sand in a pen with ducks and chickens works well? Or do the ducks muck up the sand more quickly?

Would putting straw around the kiddie pool prevent the sand from getting really wet/the kiddie pool from getting dirty quickly?
I used pea gravel in my ducks' pen. That way I could easily move the pool and wash down the gravel which drained away. It is not as hard on their feet. And not as hard on my shoes to walk on it.

Now I have several pools around the garden area and I empty them right into the garden to better take advantage of the fertilizer.
Plus moving the pools frequently saves the grass and prevents areas of muck that kills everything and will stink in hot weather.
Ah yes pea gravel and paving slabs sounds a much better idea than straw! I'll probably use pea gravel around the kiddie pool, paving slabs UNDER the kiddie pool, and sand everywhere else. Thanks!

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