Sand in inclined run... how will this work?

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    Will sand stay in place in a run that's inclined? I'm thinking about how to minimize the mud this winter. I've wondered about mats, wire, or something to put down under the sand. All ideas are appreciated.
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    You might have to figure out how to do some terraces like we farmers do on a field with too much slope......just depends on how much slope you're dealing with.
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    I'm getting ready to buy about 4 bags of sand to lightly sprinkle on top of my Silkie's run (very lightly sprinkle). Last spring I had to do that for my Buff Orpingtons and Golden Sex Links' run because hearing their little feet splat splat splat loudly wasn't nice!

    My runs are hilly. There wasn't a problem. It made a huge difference. Their feet were cleaner, and no more splatting.

    But I took about three 5 gallon detergent pails full of sand from our sandbox and spread them down their little runway (not over the whole run) which was about 3 feet by 20 feet. That's how lightly I spread it. Just a coating.

    But if you got torrential rains, that too would probably wash away on a hill. [​IMG]
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    Sep 6, 2010
    Quote:here is an idea... i have a run that slops down..this is what i did

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