Sand in the run?


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Dec 21, 2007
Is it ok for my chickens if i fill up the run with sand? Im doin this cause i had shavings in there and now theyre all disgusting and mushy and smelly cause of the rain so i was gonna replace with em with sand TODAY so i just wanted to make sure it would be ok for em

thanks!!! ok, im trusting ya lol im goin to go get the sand today
I love sand. It drains well esp if it is higher than the surrounding area. Remove all the chips you can. Unless it is really thick the hens will dig through it and you will still have your reg. soil. They are some diggers. Over a foot at times. Jean
I have it in mine , have had no problems, I tried bark but it didnt work as well. Plus my chickens love kicking it around and dusting in it.
How do you keep the sand contained so it doesn't spread all over the rest of the yard? I have only 4 chickens and a small uneven run area on a slope. I want to get sand (its mud and puddles now) but I need to figure out how to keep the sand contained.
Putting a couple inches of sand in my run was the best move ever. I keep it contained with the framing for the run - it makes a 4 inch lip all the way around (the rest is buried). Sure, some will still escape, but it's not like it's that expensive to replenish. For some reason, seeing those chicken footprints in the sand still cracks me up....

good luck!
well i got it for free at the sandbag place lol now if it ever gets messy ill just go get some more

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