Sand or Dirt for the bottom of the run?

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5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
Edmonds, Wa
So my husband is out shopping for supplies to start building our coop, his plan was to lay down the metal mesh then put a layer of gravel and sand on top of that, then he calls and asks me if I am set on this plan or if there was a better way. I am no expert here, this is the first one I've built and since I'm short on time and going through the Learning center for 5 minutes isn't going to get me the answer I was hoping to see if anyone had any recommendations?

That's exactly what I did but i put a layer of landscape fabric down before the wire,it keeps the sand from disappearing into the ground and the wire keeps them from scratching up the fabric.
That's a great idea? Do they like the sand? I read a couple other posts saying it was great. Also can you tell me if we should insulate the coop? We live in Seattle and temps rarely drop below 15
Mine love the sand they scratch around all day and dust in it, very easy to clean with a rake and cat litter scoop just sift the poop out. Don't bother insulating they don't need it they wear down coats all year, 15 to 20 below in Massachusetts this winter and they did just fine more important to have good ventilation to exchange the ammonia and stale air with fresh air, as long as they don't have drafts or a direct breeze on them vents up high will help get the air out, poop boards with regular cleanings will help keep the ammonia smell out,I just built my new coop and the boards keep it amazingly clean.

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