Sandy from Indiana

Sandy Harrison

6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
I am Sandy from Indiana.
I have enjoyed raising chickens for about 13 years. I have had a variety of chickens.
My Grandchildren enjoy naming some of the chicken and roosters.
I have problems with predators. I would like them to free range but this summer coyotes have been preying upon them. I would like to know what eats the back end out of chickens. I have them pined up, so unsure what got into coop and killed one eating only the back end.
Look forward to reading about information submitted by others.
Thanks from Sandy's Coop.
Welcome to BYC!
I think that's a great question for the predator threads. I'm sure someone recently reported that about their flock and was told was the likely culprit was but, my old brain is like a sieve, everything just runs out. Sorry.
Hi and :welcome

Oh, sorry to hear about your chicken! I agree with drumstick diva, you should post a thread in the "Predators and Pests" section - there'll be people who can tell you what it is!
Good luck, and enjoy the site. :)
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