Sapphire gem

"Sapphire Gem should lay brown/creme eggs and "sapphire" lay blue eggs. Sapphire are a CCL Xs leghorn cross.
There's a couple active sapphire gem threads here.
Thank you, ill look. So thetes two different breeds?

This is my 3 week old Sapphire Gem named “Sapphire”. She loves sitting on my lap and places her head in my hand like this. When my hand isn’t down far enough she still puts her head in there. This is how she loves to nap.
Well thats the cutest thing ive ever seen
This is my sapphire, I got her from a member here on BYC (as @The Moonshiner said, she's a cross between a cream leg bar and a leghorn), she lays blue eggs. Here she is laying down behind the Welsummer rooster:


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