Save the Geese(In need of that legendary BYC back-up!)


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Jan 25, 2008
This is not a PETA post. I am not against the hunting and harvesting of wild or domestic animals. It must be done humanely and with good cause. If you eat it, I consider it good cause. And it must be done as fairly as possible, animals should be free to flee and escape, as well as not have young at their side.

Basically, what is going on, is their is an "excess" of Canada geese and the locals are wanting them gone. Their solution? They are going to wait until the geese are molting and FLIGHTLESS AND raising their young, to round them up and fire on them with shotguns. I mean, come one, it's one thing to shoot them in hunting season when they can fly and get away, but to wait until they are guarding goslings and UNABLE to fly to chase and shoot them?

Anyway, just wanted to foward this email. This petition needs 5,000 signatures and I have seen the STRENGTH behind the great BYC.

I was signature 98.

Hi everyone, Please take a few minutes to sign the petition for the Geese of Bella Vista Arkansas.

They are planning to chase the non-flighted geese on foot and shoot them with shotguns while their goslings and family members stand by and watch. If you can just take a second to sign the petition we are trying to stop this!

Want to get involved?

Join the yahoo group for save the geese.

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Isn't right to shoot an animal that can't fly/run away...It should be considered illegal. Think about it...It's like releasing a deer in a warehouse and chasing it around with a gun...there's no sport in it, It's wrong...
I signed
I will seed it out! Blows my mind how dumb people are really now. When they seen there was an over population problem start why did the DNR not start allowing egg shaking that is a civil why to handle this. Lord knows we would not want to be proactive. I could blow for hours on just how ticked things like this makes me.
Hit the media start with state reps. Call the DNR on the floor they hate being made to look bad.
Sorry this just upsets me to no end
I to feel hunting is a needed thing and should be done with good intentions
Oh I am just to mad to think sorry
I mean I can understand them not wanting to be surrounded by so many, but there is a better way to deal with it than waiting until they can't run and then just shooting into the flocks.

Since it will be when they are raising goslings, it's like shooting into a nursery. What happens to those goslings after the adults have been shot? Are you going to shoot the goslings to?

There are proven non-lethal methods to this situation. There are sprays, that the geese find unpalatable and will seek other grazing grounds after the area has been sprayed. If the geese are unable to fly away, why not just round them up and move them somewhere else!?! It's not like they can FLY back for a few months and by then you can have non-lethal methods prepared. Border Collies have been shown to work by harrassing the geese to the point of leaving. Of course waiting until the geese can't fly, is pointless with dogs, because you can't chase the geese away, since they can't fly.

We're trying to get this in the public eye, so we don't have a repeat of Sanford, NC. By the time the public knew about Sanford they had already captured and gassed at least 50 geese.

If the non-lethal methods "aren't working" than you are doing them WRONG. Border collies have to be trained to run geese, you can't just grab the random dog and turn it loose. Eggs can be oiled, but you have to keep at it, and do it more than once, because after a certain amount of time the geese may start a second nest since the first didn't hatch. There are grape sprays for the grass and water that geese do not like, and they will move on for better grazing.

I just don't believe that they did everything reasonably possible before they came to this "solution". Which, it's not a solution, because it leaves a vacant prime realestate for the next Canada flock to land. What are you going to do then?!? Shoot every wild(protected!) goose that lands on your precious lawn?

Because it's easier to shoot them when they can't fly away.

They would rather just kill them, than get off their behinds and use their brains to find a better way.

It just gets me, that you would wait until they had offspring because that's the easiest time to kill them. Canada geese mate for life, and it's been proven that sometimes they REFUSE to stop MOURNING the loss of their mate.

I hunt deer and I raise birds that I eat. I couldn't imagine waiting until the deer had fawns at their side, chasing them into a pen and then shooting at them. The birds I raise, do not mate for life, and when I do process them, it's never where they can see. These aren't domestic animals, but protected wildlife that were actually endangered at one point.

I just think that they should find a better way to deal with this.

I am so mad I can't even think right we had a mass murder here last summer peopl on a lake got mad about the swans. Got there new. DNR officer to to agree took out 3 boats with 8 armed men on each a opened fire. An eye wittness said the parents where getting between there babies and the guns. She is now seeking help she could not sleep. It was a m nightmare to hear about over 60 swans where murdered there. My kids and I went up there to see the spot so sad a lake full of people and dogs not a waterfowl to be found! My 18 year old wanted to roll down the window and yell murders!
I signed it and this was my comment

"There are more humane ways to slow the population down. This is just murder!! You worked so hard to bring them back when they were on the endanger list now you want to put them back on it! This is not our land, it's everybody-everthings land."

I remember going to a park in NY that had a swamp. There was a beaver dam and on top of this was a canada goose nest. The mother was sitting there happy and the father was off a little. I did see a beaver a few yard off too. I didn't see the beavers shooting the geese because they chose his "property" to raise thier babies. I wish we could all live like this.


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