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    Yesterday was day 28, one egg hatched early in the day, I had 6 turkey eggs in with chicken eggs, 1st turkey hatch. The power went out, I was having dirt work done and didn't realize it till I came in to get a cold drink and no light came on in the fridge, I called a neighbor to make sure it wasn't just MY house. About 3 hours later I came in and power was still out. I heard peeping in the incubator and openned it, there was a turkey egg that had started zipping, but quit, it was dry and cold in there. I broke the egg off the poult, and removed the membrane, no blood, the poor little thing was almost dry, I immediatly held it next to my body, the little poult was cold to the touch. I remembered handwarmers I have in a drawer for winter dog sledding, got a pack out, shook them to get the heat going, put paper towels around the handwarmers, and wrapped it around the poult. A couple of hours later, no power still, and it seemed strong, so I put it in the brooder, I had 27 chicks hatch yesterday, so I put it under all the chicks. Power came back on at 2 am, and all was well, heat came back on in the brooder, and this morning, BOTH turkey poults that hatched yesterday are alive!! My special little guy survived!!! Both are black Blue Slates, and I can tell the "special" one apart and I'm pretty sure it will be a special turkey forever!
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    How wonderful!!!!![​IMG]
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