Saw a Macaw have a heart attack (or something) today... OMG..


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May 19, 2008
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What a nightmare.. it was so sad.
We were at a bird rescue today helping the lady out... (MY GOD, she literally works from dawn to dusk taking care of all those birds....i'm going to volunteer more often and send her more money when i can... its just hard because she lives almost 2 hrs away from us..
Well.. the bird groomer came today to trim the birds beaks and wings and nails...
So we were outside washing down a cage and we heard a strange sounding squak coming from inside the house...
We went inside and the bird groomer was freaking out .."i dont know what happend.. she was just fine!" and we look and there was one of the macaw flopping around on her cage bottom...
they grabbed her and held her.. but she was already going limp...
Then the groomer was bawling and we didnt know what to do to try to save the bird so she starts rubbing the birds chest (CPR like) and the rescue owner looks at me and says "what do i do?!" and shes bawling..
And here i am bawling and i said.. i dont know!
Maybe try to breathe for her? So they tried to do CPR for her... and she made a few squaks like she was coming back... but then she stopped...
OMG.. what a nightmare... the owner and groomer were devastated...
She was a beautiful blue and gold... and had been there for 7 years...she was 40 yrs old! We think it was the heat (VERY hot and humid today..) with the combo of the stress of the grooming that did it?...
This poor lady does so much for these birds... ALL her cages were spotless! I cant keep ONE bird cage really clean...i cant imagine 40 or more cages..

Shes truly an angel..
Anyways.. sad day for redhen ...
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Im so sorry:-( so sad. My first split lavender hen did that to me not that long ago-she was fine and I picked her up she tweaked for a few seconds and went limp-gasped a minute and she was gone! The whole thing lasted 1 minute?? It was horrible since it happened in my arms I just stood there in shock staring at her-I didnt know what to do either. personally I dont think there could have been anything-heart defect? IDK...Im just sorry and I know what your going through:-(


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May 19, 2008
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Thanks guys.. its something i never want to see again...

And the other macaws in the room were all going off because they KNEW that something was happening to their buddy....
One was trying like heck to get out of his cage to get to her..

What a nightmare..
I told the rescue owner that she gave that bird the best last few years of her life... that she was such a lucky bird to have been placed with this lady... she was a happy bird and was loved. And the bird KNEW it...
This lady is elderly and has some type of breathing problems and i just cant believe how she does all this for those birds...
Hubby and i moved some cages down stairs for her today to put other birds in and washed some cages and washed bird dishes .. (just tried to help her out..)... someone was supposed to help her move cages and stuff... like a few weeks ago..but they never showed up... i just feel so bad for her..

very humbling day today..


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Thanks to you and the other lady for giving of your time-whatever you have-to help out the animals in need. I think there will be an extra special place in Heaven...

I am so sorry you had to see that happen to the macaw. My Cornish X chicken Khaki had a heart attack right in front of me last Christmas Eve. She was already weak and in the house on a cat bed. I knew her time was near and her likely fate-those birds are bred to be so big and heavy that their hearts and legs give out quite young (she was 8 months old). It seems like an eternity watching it, and even if you do know what it is, wishing you could somehow help.

I also had a sick cockatiel to whom I was giving meds die in my hands. I can't help but feel it was my fault somehow, even though everyone tells me that he was already ill and I was doing everything to actually help him. I hope the groomer is not too hard on herself. I can't imagine the weather being a factor if the birds wasn't out in it all day with no water or shade. And while the grooming can be stressful, it's not THAT bad, and I'm sure this bird's been groomed before. Macaw's like to be dramatic anyway.

The macaw may have had some underlying factor. Of course birds, being prey animals, hide their illnesses as much as possible, so it may well have been some ongoing issue. Especially if she was a rescue bird, who knows what her care was before this wonderful lady got her. Having a caring, loving home with this lady may have added years onto her life. It might not be possible due to time or finances, but a necropsy might be a good thing to do not just for piece of mind, but to ensure that the macaw did not have a condition that the other birds might have as well.

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