saw dust for coop, Yes or No

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  1. Mommysongbird

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Small Town, Virginia
    I got some FREE saw dust/chips for our coop today from a new cabinet shop that just opened. He said I can have all I want, it is in large contractor bags and each bag is a different kind of wood, NO CEDAR he does NOT use cedar.

    So what I am wondering if this stuff is going to be too fine for the coop or not?? My mom seems to think it will be. It is more of a 'dust' and he said it came from the plainer, but there are some larger shavings as well, but they are just kinda mixed in.

    Some bags have pine (only pine), some have oak (only oak), etc., etc., etc..

    What do you think? Get the FREE stuff and use it in the coop (4ft x 6ft) or pay the $3.00 (Plus) from Tracktor Supply per bag every 3 to 4 months??? The bag that we get at TS covers the WHOLE coop and is about 4 inches deep.
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    I personally don't like the real fine stuff. I think it causes to much problems in terms of dust. I think that if the coop is not well ventilated you might end up with some respiratory problems and even if it is well ventilated you still might have some problems.

    The local Co-Op near me had shavings that were cheaper than the stuff at WalMart. I used them once and did not like them cause they were a lot smaller particles and I had problems with a lot of dust from them.
  3. Mommysongbird

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Small Town, Virginia
    Quote:Thanks, this is what I was affraid of. I may just opt to use them in the run (it is sooooo muddy in there) maybe it will help some in there, not sure. Right now our run just has chicken wire over the top with one of those shade things (for dog runs) on top of it. We are going to go get some of the clear corrigated roofing (like what we have on the coop, only clear) and put it on the run roof. Hoping it will help with keeping out more rain and such so it won't be so muddy.

    I don't get what they have at Wal-Mart (too exspensive and they only ever have cedar) so I get the chips they have at Tractor Supply, the cheapest place around here to buy pine shavings and we don't get the fine, we get the 'thick' or something like that, can't remember what it says on the bag.
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  4. chfite

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    The sawdust that comes from the machines in my woodworking shop is too fine for chickens, in my opinion. I generally throw it all in the compost pile.

  5. quietlyscheming

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    I like to keep a walmart bag or two of sawdust from the woodshop around. Add a little wood glue to a bit of sawdust and you got great sandable wood filler. [​IMG]
  6. Applebuddy

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    Oct 16, 2011
    I agree on the respiratory dangers associated with the fine dust. Last week I had 10 cubic yards of sand delivered (only $70) and moved it into my run area. The chickens love it and I love the lack of mud!

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