Saw something strange Need Answers (Hawk Pro's)


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Okarche Oklahoma
Today I was outside I heard what I thought was the shreek of a hawk deep and piercing. I noticed my buckeyes going at it as one roo is in a breeding program. While the other gets to free range. (these guys make some pretty strange dino sounds crys and growls)
Until I noticed every hen off the yard my Buckeye at attention and my Black Austrelorp and Barred Rock same as the other day all Puffed out and ready for what ever was coming. But they didnt even make me shutter what did that was when I saw my 7 month Old Bourbon Red Turkey Fan his feathers up Rough his feathers up and seemed to grow to x2 his size right infront of my eyes. and started chirping and scratching. Finally I saw what was in the sky.
At first I thought I saw 2 buzzards. these birds were very high at this moment. Then I swore I saw 2 eagles With White feathers but as I said these birds were way up at this point. now they start decending downward And I definatly see 2 buzzards, Now that I can make them out I realize I have 2 Red Tail Hawks On top of the farm. Then it happens the 2 hawks Crash into each other feathers fly down I then notice flying a little lower are 2 smaller red tails probably this years hatch. those birds were fending off my mocking birds and scissor tails. The buzzard hits the hawk, and the other one circles low over my house. these birds all of them 4 hawks 2 buzzards fought over my pond both of my neighbors Pastures. I tried to film it but they were so High by the time I got camera all you can see are dots.
What caused these birds to all be over my pond fighting like that. I do know that a week ago there were 2 puddles left and since we havent had rain since july it dried up. It was stocked with catfish and florida black bass. Alot of those are dead now so I understand buzzards plus thats where I put my carcasses of skunks coons ect. But why did the hawks fight eachother while trying to fend off song birds and buzzards? Does anyone know why they displayed this behavior. Should I worry about this. I have been in the country many years. I have seen hawks grab Dove out of mid air. Red Tails are very common to these parts of Oklahoma. But I never seen so many birds in one fight before and it conserns me any advice would be apreciated thanks alot.
Hawks and eagles mate in mid air. When they crashed together, did they stay together? If so, its mating and the other smaller Red Tails are probably subordinate juvenile males trying to push off the mating male so that they can mate with the female. The buzzards....well, like you said, they probably just want everyone out so that they can have that pond and all that dead fish to themselves.
Turkey vulture, black vultures and red-tailed hawks outside fo breeding season. To my knowledge the only diurnal raptors that maintain territories outside breeding season in your and my area are red-shouldered hawks. Neither vulture species maintains territories at any time excepting around nest site on ground or in cave. I have never seen aggressive encounters between red-tails and vultures and if it were to occur, I would think most likely during winter following heavy snow when available prey and carion in short supply. Spats might take place around the limited carion.

What you describe may not have as violent as appears. The birds may have all been using the same thermal and this time of year the hawks do a lot of what I consider to be playing. Lots of screeing, chasing, divebombing and occasional locking of talons but no damage. Locally, the abundance of red-tails including juveniles likely to be higher as birds from up north come down on top of locals for winter. Locals might be having trouble accepting the "snowbirds" of their kind.

If eagles where involved, goldens that is, red-tails would not allow former to get close enough for such interactions because goldens will catch and consume red-tails if they can.
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the red tails did lock but ths wasnt mating I dont believe However I wouldnt be asking the question if I knew the answers. there were feathers flying. it didnt seem they locked talons only flew into each other. perhaps the hawks were mating and the buzzards were protecting there food source. All I do know is thats intirely to many birds of prey over my farm at one time surely one of them saw my chickens and will attempt to be back.
Thank you all for the wonderful info. I dont know much about birds as I grew up with a passion to hate these creatures. I never learned or studied them at all of any kind. Till I gave my life to God. I was one of those horrible kids who thought constant chirping was just down right irritating.. (Ironic I know Now I own over 300 chickens and I love them dearly. Since I have some good friends here on byc who woujd hold it against me. *Giggles* Sometimes my chickens jump in my arms and force me to hug them and squeeze them. Since of course Big strong chicken raising men never Break soft for chickens right?. Wasnt me I promise.
I just hope today brings more peace and happiness around here and less threats for hawk invasions.
They were not mating for certain. Out of season and no raptors to my knowledge do it on wing. Mating when females stands on solid perch, sometimes rim of nest. Seen many times with local red-tails and red-shouldered.

Could somebody have been carrying a small bird and they were fighting over that? I have seen Coopers during fall migration fight hard on ground over scraps of a pigeon. No body living gets hurt but pigeon remains get abused in process.
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I've seen a red tail hawk & turkey vulture fight. I think it was shortly after Thanksgiving a few years ago when we were taking one of our daughters and her children home after a visit. This was near the Arizona/Utah border.

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