Coop finally finished.

By itsalladream · Jun 11, 2018 · ·
  1. itsalladream
    After a few months, I've finally finished my coop, and have 6 pullets that call it home.
    20180325_094434.jpg 20180325_182313.jpg 20180403_164403.jpg 20180408_175448.jpg 20180412_192356.jpg 20180412_192433.jpg 20180416_182022.jpg 20180416_182051.jpg 20180429_183654.jpg 20180501_180521.jpg 20180501_183645.jpg 20180505_132754.jpg 20180505_132808.jpg 20180523_165249.jpg 20180609_103636.jpg
    20180609_141149.jpg 20180610_071021.jpg 20180610_172144.jpg 20180610_173137.jpg 20180610_173320.jpg

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  1. N F C
    Congrats on finishing up your coop! I like the colors you chose to paint it. Thanks for sharing your build!

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