Saw the first egg pop out!

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    So, just got home and went to check the birds water.
    I was looking at my coturnix, the younger group that I have, and was about to grab the couple extra males that keep me up all night, so I can process them for dinner.

    While I was inspecting this young group, I happened to look up at just the right time to see the first female lay the first egg of the group, saw it come right out- which is also a first for me!
    It popped out rather quickly, and she turned to look at it like "what is THAT?" . . .

    This is my group of jumbo coturnix, and they must be right about 8 weeks old . . . [​IMG]
    Hopefully all the females in this group start laying pretty quickly, as I am anxious to hatch more of these jumbos.

    As soon as my buddy gets here with the video camera, Imma make a vid of the processing of those males, Ive done it 1 time and I wanna show everybody how simple it is.
    Im tired of listening to them screaming all night long . . .
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    Jul 1, 2009
    Make sure to post a link! I want to see this!

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