Saxony duck lays 3 eggs in on day!!!


Prairie Wolf Farm Asylum
10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
NE Kansas
I got a Saxony duck about two months ago, and she has been givining me a green egg every day. About a week ago, she started slacking off, laying every other day or so. Well,one day last week I went out to the coop to find she had layed 3 eggs, in one day! Her eggs are large, green, and always layed in the same nesting spot. I check every day, so I didn't miss one. My other duck is a Silver Appleyard, who has yet to give me any eggs, so these eggs are coming from my Saxony girl. Do I need to be worried about her?
No, she KNOWS she's not allowed to have friends over
. It's just her and her Appleyard sister, who will supposedly lay white eggs.....................someday.

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