Say cheeeese!

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  1. Yes, I am a photo nut and I love shooting my chicks. [​IMG]

    15 days old and growing every second, I believe!


    My favorite chick, Eleanor the sussex, with my son. And yes, he washes his hands immediately after handling chicks!


    Still praying the polish is a female!


    Their favorite place to be in the run: on my lap

    Ahhh, dust bathing and sunshine!

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  2. write2caroline

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Love your photos. What size lens are you using? I love the clarity of the photo's

  3. Using a canon mark ii, and these were shot with a 60mm macro and a 50mm 1.4. [​IMG] And lots of outtakes of blurry chicks that suddenly decide to move just as you snap the shot!

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