Say hello to our newborns!!

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Feb 16, 2018
Wales, UK
So Myrtle and Jems became proud parents yesterday to six little ducklings! They are the most adorable, fluffy, busy little creatures and I cant stop looking at them. Myrtle is such a good mother. There’s still five eggs that haven’t hatched and I can’t see any movement, should we remove them or wait? She still sits on them. We have brought momma and the babies inside in a large cardboard box next to the radiator with lots of hay. Today we let them out of the box for supervised exploring and for their first taste of water and food, they took to it straight away! They’re so fast though.

Jems, the father, wants to be with Myrtle but isn’t safe with the ducklings. We have tried but he pecks them. Myrtle wants the whole family to be together bless her but we have to seperate Jemima. I feel so sorry for him. What can we do, any advice?

Other than this, these beauties are such a joy to watch and care for! And the colours of them are spectacular, one even has a round spot on his or her head! ❤️


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