Saying hello, and introducing my flock


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Mar 19, 2014
Sugarhouse, SLC.
I havent officially introduced myself and its about time. I haven't had chickens since I was a child, but a lot is coming back to me :D I have two Jersey Giants, two cochins (blue and gold laced) one Easter egger and 1 sebright, she was all alone and tugged my heart strings. They are all around 7 weeks old. I watch them constantly and they follow me around the yard helping us out with our ant issue.;)
Silver is acting a bit like a Roo with his control issues and pecking. He also stands very tall, and was slow to feather.
Joe has an interesting low voice and never lays with the others. He loves to snuggle after you calm him down.
Alice is spicy and sweet. She chirps so loud when the others get out of sight, and they all come running.
Blue is a sweet bird and so soft.
Lanka is a noisy girl and chirps between every ant she eats. She has her moments of snuggling, and she is sweet.
and Lula the mammas girl. She comes when I call her, she lets little Alice sleep under her wing and I think she believes she could be human.
Truthfully I dont know who is a pullet or roo, supposedly they are all pullets but you never know. Living in the city we can't have roosters so im crossing my feathers, I mean fingers.

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