Saying hi from Burlington Ontario


7 Years
May 15, 2012
Good Morning BYC Friends,

I just joined and am hoping I can find so help and advice:

I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and I want to legalize Chickens! I am dying to add a coop to my backyard and be able to have fresh eggs, my own little bug eaters and just cool pets but Burlington at the moment doesn't allow it.

So I have contacted my wards Concillor John Taylor and he has said he will look into it (must be a standard answer as I have not heard anything back) I have also contacted our Mayor and all of his lead hands..... still nothing.

I come here for help. I have started a Facebook page : and an online

petition: I also have a letter that if you'd like you as well can send to your area's ward.

I want to create a movement, I want to let city officals know that it is our right to raise our own food. Please help me out. If you know anyone who has also had the same uphill battle I would love to hear about it.

Thank you!
Best of luck on this!

from Kentucky!
You are far from alone ! So many people wishing for ordinances to be changed, they seem to be a town by town thing.. I have seen some pretty silly laws in towns posted one being where they can only have one Chicken .. Chickens being a flock animal that is a dumb rule. Many towns allow up to 4 with out any roosters ( due to the noise ) I wish you the Best of luck and hope you can get a ton of your Neighbors on board to sign petitions and make a change Good Luck !!
HELLO from......Burlington, Ontario
I was in the middle of writiting a letter to our Mayor (green party member) because I was thinking what is the best way to legalize this and thought our Mayor is a good start but would need some backing evidence. So I searched and BAM, I came across this thread.

I will join up with you on fb and try and help anyway I can.

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