Scabs on face? Fowl pox?

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    Feb 24, 2017
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    Hi, I am new to the world of chicken owning and was a little worried about one of my hens. My hen (Platnium Sussex) is 4 months old and over the last two weeks I have noticed scabs on her face appearing (under eye and near beak) and seemingly getting bigger. I wasn't too sure if it was something that perhaps may have gone on its own but I'm concerned it will escalate into something bigger if it serious. It also looks like now she is getting black spots in her little comb. Is this fowl pox? When I bought her I was advised she had received her vaccinations but I can't recall what the vaccination covered. I have two other hens who dont have any scabs and all seem happy when free ranging during the day, they eat and drink plenty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Fowl pox looks a lot worse than that. It appears to be nothing more than pecking scabs, and of course, the ones who are delivering the pecks to produce the scabs will stay interested in continuing to make them worse.

    Try painting Blu-kote on the scabs. This will help them heal while disguising them so they are less of a temptation to victimize. If they are a form of dry pox, the Blu-kote may help them heal, too.

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