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Sep 5, 2013
Rockford, Michigan
I'm considering the purchase of a scalder, and looking for recommendations on which brand to purchase. Currently I'm leaning towards the Poultry Man Manual Scalder for my personal home production, and perhaps for a few friends. I don't envision anything in the range of 500-1000 birds at any one time! Should I combine some family members flocks, I might see up to 200 at the most.

I was considering the Featherman scalder, but I'm having a very difficult time in getting Dave (the owner) to answer any questions regarding the Featherman equipment.

My feeling is if I can't get answers to my questions now, how can I expect any product support down the road should I need it.

If anyone can comment on the Poultry Man Manuals Scalder, I would certainly appreciate your input.

Thank you for your consideration to my question.

I use a 20 gallon galvanized trash can on a stand burner. I put a thermometer in to watch the temp of the water. Once it gets up to temp, I leave the burner just barely on and the temp stays very consistant.
Personally we bought a large turkey fryer that came with the burner stand and the pot you just have to provide the propane tank. It was about 30 dollars and works great. We had to get a larger pot to do turkeys as they get 30+ lbs but other than that it's a very inexpensive option.

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