Scale Mite treating with water dosed Invemectrin

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    # days of treatment. Dosage? How many repeated treatments required. Mite has limited survival w/o host poultry.
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    Can you post some photos of the chicken(s) and the legs?
    Scaly Leg Mites live under the leg scales of the chicken. Ivermectin would be effective in treating them. There are 2 "types" of Ivermectin - injectable and Pour On. Dosing is different for each one.

    For Injectable Ivermectin (1%), the maximum dosage is 1mg/kg or 0.045ml per pound of weight. Injectable Ivermectin can be given orally, by injection or applied topically (it needs to be applied at the base of the neck along the spine coming into contact with the skin).

    For Pour On Ivermectin, maximum dosage is 1mg/kg which is 0.09ml per pound of weight. Pour On is applied topically (it needs to be applied at the base of the neck along the spine coming into contact with the skin).

    Either form of Ivermectin will treat SLM, mites on the body and lice. You will need to do some research to find an egg throw away period that you are comfortable with. Ivermectin is not approved for use in poultry.

    If you don't want to use Ivermectin for treating SLM due to egg withdrawal, you can soak the legs, gently scrub any debris from the legs, then apply an oil or vaseline to the legs to smother the SLM. Soak and oil the legs a couple of times a week for several weeks to kill them off and help the legs to heal.

    It would also be a good idea to clean out coop and nesting box bedding and treat all housing with a Permethrin based poultry spray or dust. While the dust/spray will not kill SLM that are on the birds (under the scales) it will take care of the ones that may be in housing/nesting boxes/roosting bars.
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    :welcome :frow My birds have had mites but not scaly leg mites. I did treat a neighbors bird with the pour on ivermectin for SLM otherwise I use permethrin.
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    Ivermectin added to drinking water will fail, it doesn't mix, and will either overdose or underdose your birds. An overdose will be a disaster!
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