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    Oct 4, 2011
    Hi, I'm fairly new to raising chickens, so I will apologize in advance if there is an obvious answer to my question. I have a flock of 4 girls who free range in my somewhat small suburban backyard. I recently noticed that one of the ladies feet are dry and bumpy. Based upon what I've seen in other posts, she might have scale mites. I prefer holistic and organic cures. I recently read that a concoction of garlic and olive oil applied to the feet and legs might help. Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations? Thanks!
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    What I have done is dip the legs/feet every day in a cup of mineral oil (veg oil would work too) to smother the mites - daily for two weeks.

    Towards the end of the two weeks I was doing it every other day. The scales started laying back down afterwards.

    I have read to also grease the combs/wattles as those scaly leg mites also attack the face sometimes.

    I would also as a precaution do the permethrin poultry dust- dusting routine on the chickens...throw out bedding and spray the coop with permethrin. Then retreat in 7 days or so.

    Here is a very good picture of the lifted scales of scaly leg mite:
    click the image in the first post
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    Inspect legs more closely to inspect for actual mites. Other factors factors including age and genetics can cause bumby look.
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    Scaly leg mites cause the scales to lift up, not sure if I would describe it as 'bumpy' but if it is scaly leg mite - I have used liquid paraffin with great results - apply liberally to the legs - stipple into the scales with a stiff paintbrush or old toothbrush. I used to work in a Farm park and this was used with great success - one treatment cleared the problem within days! And no discomfort to the hens.
    Good luck

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