Scalped chick!

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    I had my 6 week olds outside in their own makeshift run, but one of them somehow escaped and was attacked by my grown hens. She has a small cut on her beak, but a huge gross gash on her head. The skin is totally seperated and I *think* I can see bone, but I'm not sure. I put neosporen on it and put her in a crate in my basement and she is eating and drinking, but also doing a lot of just standing with her eyes closed, obviously in pain. Is there anything else I can do for her? Do you think it's humane to let her try to get through the night, or should I cull her to end her suffereing? (the fact that she is eating was reassuring to me)

    it seems MUCH worse in real life that this photo, but here it is...
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    I had a dove, fully scalped by another dove- he recovered completely- he is named 'Custer' ... get it?

    The vet prescribed silverdine cream... don't know much about it but it worked.

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