Scaly leg mites- WATCH OUT!


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Feb 17, 2010
East Hartland, CT
i noticed a couple days before christmas that my tan bantam cochin rooster wasn't walking right. When i picked him up all the feathers on his legs were frozen together and his tail feathers that were really cool was one big ice ball. I took some dog grooming sciscors and cut all the ice off
. i then noticed that his legs were very swollen. i put him down and saw that he couldn't walk. he had to walk on the back of his legs, dragging himself through all the water my ducks spill( they are messy animals). that explaines why his tail feathers were all iced up. I called my uncle who's a vet and he said to get Adams mite spray. i got it around december 28. I sprayed his legs every Tuesday for 2 monthes and today i went out to spray his legs...... and he STOOD UP! he can't walk but it's a start. at the end of January i was considering culling him to take him out of his misery. I'm glad i didn't. the lesson i learned is that if you have a lot of chickens it pays to stand in the coop and observe all your chickens cause that way you can tell whos hurt and whos not. I read up on Scaly Leg Mites while he was hurt and read that they attack older birds( he was about a year old) and by using a pesticide on the infected areas and Ivermectin orally they should heal up. Although the scales on the legs will always be raised up where the mites burrowed in. Just thought i would tell you that i felt like a vet today and inform you on how to treat Scaly leg mites if it ever happens to you.
I totally agree!! Spending that time to observe your birds can really make a big difference in early detection of lots of potential problems. I examine my girls' legs, feathers, and skin frequently, but still worry cause' I don't really know what I'm looking for. Like scaly leg mites...would I be able to see them with my naked eye, walking around or something, or do they stay hidden up under the scales...?? My problem is that, other than what I read on here, I worry that I wouldn't recognize a louse or mite if they snuck up behind me and bit me on the butt.
I didn't know what it was either. I read that you can see them walking around on perches ans nest boxes. They're red and barely visible with the naked eye. the only reason i noticed it was because he couldn't walk correctly. But that is really bad, the fist thing you should notice are that the scales would be lifted up or the legs swollen. I have 24 chickens and was worring about my hens molting and other injured birds thats why i didn't notice it right away.
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