Scaly leg mites

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    I've read many posts on here about leg mites. Once treated do the scales go away? Do they just fall off or would I have to remove them some how? What exactly are the "scales"and how do they form?
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    Quote:Scales are moulted once a year just like feathers, though this is generally a gradual moult rather than all at once.

    They'll fall off by themselves but you can help this process along abit faster by coating the legs with petroleum jelly every week or so for a few weeks.
    The mites will remain in the bedding and perches. Find some cinnamon essential oil and pour it into a spray container full of an organic cleaner, turpentine or citrasolve for example. Spray down all the perches each or every other morning for a week or two. Pretty soon the wood will have absorbed enough of the oils and solvents that will deter them altogether.
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    Well said "Resolution"

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