Scared of snow


8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
Dallas, OR
This is my first winter with my girls and last night it snowed for the first time. Their scared of it. They won't walk on it. My son picked one up and put her in the snow and she wanted nothing to do with it, went back to dry land, Lol. Is this common for chickens to do?
Yeah it is, I find that my birds don't like it but will go out on it if it is packed down, they hate it when it is fluffy! However they love to eat it when it falls into the coop.
its the sudden change in scenery that they are scared of its like day and night to them. you have to pick one up walk them around and give them treats so they get used to it
just get them time to get used to the snow. chickens are prey animals and at the bottom of the food chain. being scared of anything new is a survival instinct. Making a fuss just means that it will take longer for them to figure it out on their own.
This thread reminds me of the first time my DD saw snow. We had lived in FL her entire 8 years before moving to WV, so she was excited for her first snow. She went running out the door and came back 3 seconds later. "But it's so COLD!!!" Of course, being from FL she thought anything under 75 was reason to wear a coat.
We have our first snowfall of the year here... The fuzzies were NOT impressed and further more were not budging from the perches.

Soooo, I snatched up the Roos and chucked 'em out into the snow and the hens (muttering and grumbling the whole time) followed! None are are especially impressed, but they are wandering around in the snow.

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