Scared to introduce new pullets! Help a first timer!


Jul 20, 2011
Hi! I'm purchasing new chickens to my previous flock which is comprised of two silkie roos and one silkie pullet who have been together since birth. We decided to get more pullets because we only have 1 pullet as we got them straight run. So today I am getting two new pullets about 5 months old. Any tips on how I should take care of them? What if the roos attack them? what if they run away? What if they attack the roos?? How to I introduce them without blood-shed??

Oh and which one lays more eggs:
Sex-link/ Australorpe cross OR Speckled Sussex?

Thanks!! Please help a first timer!


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Jun 1, 2011
Keep the young ones with a fence between them and the silkies. Let them have room to get away when they start pecking. I won't garuntee this will work. Mine stayed near the entrance and wouldn't move, letting them get at them. The next day we found one dead, near the edge. However, this was her first time outside for any real period of time, and she was just a few weeks old.


Jul 20, 2011
oh i'm sorry to hear chickdaze

Well all of ours are the same age as the ones that we are about to get, maybe like a few weeks difference, but they are all approx. 6 months old.

Oh flockwatcher, so will my new pullets be larger than my silkie roos? My silkie roos are pretty big for silkies, but will there still be a problem?
I rlly hope they don't fight...i want my eggs


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Nov 7, 2010
Perth, WA
I always quarenteen mine and then put the newbys in a cage and run within the main run. This means they can all see each other but not get pecked until they have gotten used to each other a little. This can be 2 weeks or so. When I finally introduce them all I usually do it free range so they have more room and leave them out until dusk where they all go to roost together. The newbys will need a little help here hehe. If they all wake up together I feel it helps. It also depends on your personal flock.
After that I just keep a real good eye on them until I'm happy no real damage will be done, then just let them sort the order out.

Hope that helps!


Jun 18, 2011
I had two two year old hens and successfully introduced two POL pullets, then two months later one more POL

This is my method of intro, the girls will peck each other and bicker but not too badly:

I buy new girls at 6 weeks and keep them within sight of the others, everyone get treats at the same time etc. I only introduce when everyone is about the same size. Generally when the newbies reach POL

First I wake up when it's still dark and put the new girl on the roost with the old ones.
I open up the coop and run (I let mine free range often) so they have plenty of space to get away from each other.
I prepare corn on the cob on a string, get my Golden retriever, and have breakfast outside and wait.
As soon as they come out I hang up the corn on the cob, the way it moves when pecked is very distracting for them.

Sometimes it stops there and they'll be fine, but if someone is being particularly aggressive to the newbie
I 'set' the dog on them. I've taught him what left and right is so can guide him in his actions. He just follows them and normally helps me get them in at night.
The thing is that the new girls are generally terrified, making alarm calls, which makes my older girls spooked, and because my dog is 'herding' them they tend to group up.

Safety in numbers! I find after that they are a lot calmer with each other. I guess the 'common enemy' helps them to bond.
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Apr 9, 2009
fife lake, mi.
I have used some of the methods mentioned here to integrate flocks and it does work....just need patience and not rushing it. I do have a question regarding this however. My two roos and 9 hens have all been raised together...they are fine and have no issues. the spring I will separate the roos with their girls for breeding purposes. When winter comes they need to go back together again due to "coop" issues. Once they have been apart...and then get back together ....will they remember or is it like starting anew?


Aug 15, 2011
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i wouldn't be worried, after a while they will get use to each other. its just part of the pecking order. if you want to so its not too bad you could put them in a pen next to the chooks you are introducing them to so they get to know them a bit better.
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