scared !!


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7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
My eggs are at day 21, and no one is pipping ! I need someone to cry with me
This is my second time of incubating. The first time went very well -- they all hatched but one. I've done everything the same this time -- except I used shipped eggs. Don't think I'll waste my money on them again ! Yes-- I left them sit 12 - 18 hrs after shipment and all .... How many more days should I let them in the bator ?
Did you candle them at any point to make shure there were babies in there?
I woudnt give up on them yet I would give them at least another 24 hours to pip then if none have done so then I would worry and maybe go candle them again to see if you can tell if there is any movement in there.
Yes I candled the day I put them in lockdown, and I thought they all looked good. But I didn't really study them for movement, as I'm always scared the egg will get to cold!

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