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    Oct 8, 2009
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    i have an 10 month old beautiful std blk cochin hen named Ella. she was one of two hatched from my very first incubator attempt. she was raised up going back and forth from my daughters school (kindergarden class pet). she acted normally for about the first 3 months then i put all the chicks out into the larger coop. during this time we had a dog attack that killed a majored of the chicks including her brother. ever since then she will not leave any enclosure that i put her in. i have to force her out, and then she still will not leave the area around the door. she will not interact with the older chickens though she is a good broody. she raised 12 EE chicks that are still with her. she cowers in the corner if another chicken comes into her coop. her best friend is a large male white rabbit. she is very docile and friendly with people. she is just anti-social. she is very beautiful and i would like to breed her with my std blk roo. can any one explain this or offer help?
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    I dont know that I can explain it, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone...I have an Ameraucana about 2 years old that is anti social too, would rather nest in the tall weeds, and hang out with our dog, then be in the coop with the rest of the girls...after her broody time, she was re-introduced to the coop and the other girls rejected her, and she didnt really want to be around them either, so I just let her be...she finds a way to be where she wants, so I gave up...

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