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    What scars do you have( and stories to go with them)? I have loads [​IMG] one on my knee from stiches I was 3 and in the middle of winter I was dancing around the kitchen in a swiming suit [​IMG] I had been told not to touch a bag with a brocken cassorle dish in it, so what did I do I fell on it. [​IMG] there is 3 other scars on that knee, one from running at the pool with my little sister chasing me I fell and she fell on top of me both my knees where skined up (bad) and my little sister had one Skinned knee (very little) and she got all the attention [​IMG] one from lossing my footing on cement at the fair (I speant the day try to not let animals eat the bandage), and one from me and my dog hitting each other (running) and I fell on a crack in the wood [​IMG] . I have a couple random ones on random places that I don't rember how I got. So what scars do you have?
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    ah the stories.

    I'm too tired to tell them.... have one just above the knee on my left leg.

    I was running in between cars and someone had this tiny, ragged steel trailer hitch welded onto the back of his car.

    That one took forever to heal.
  3. what was i thinking

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    i have one on my upper lip on the left side.
    i was five and i took the kids my mom was babysitting out to the pasture to see the horses. they were 8 and 4. i picked up a snow ball and threw it at my mom horse (that was about 16.2 hands) to show them"how fast it could run". well, i didn't see how fast it ran and i am lucky i have any of my face left. the 8 yr sent the 4 yr old to get my mother. needless to say to had no idea what he was talking about. by the time my mom made it out there, i had come to and i was trying to crawl back to the house. it was horrible and i looked horrible. we wanted to take pictures but it was sooo bad i wouldn't let her, my eyes were swallon shut and my whole face was black and blue. i looked in the mirror but never made it passed my eyes. doesn't look bad now thou.
    bottom lip same side, about a yr later. my mom had one of the ceramic christmas trees with the little plugs you put in all over it. like little lights. any way i was told to turn it off. i couldn't turn the little toglle swith. so i tried to unplug it from the extension cord. i couldn't get it. what else was i going to do??? o ya. put it in your mouth to see if you can pull it apart. so add a little spit and your all set. it burnt a hole in my lip about the size of an eraser. i think that hurt worse than being kicked by the horse. i also saw the lines of black and white when the tv goes out. o ya i had some juice going thru me.
    you can probably guess i have plenty more but those are the best stories to go with them.
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    I have lots of scars. Two big ones (and lots of little ones from the stitches I got) from my arm going through a window (long story). I have a very small scar but a scar nonetheless on my finger from when I was carrying an oven and my dad set it down without me being ready. And I have lots of scars on my arms...
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    I don't have any terribly interesting ones. Some on my right foot from a mirror that fell and broke, my left heel from closing a metal door on it (needed stiches, but I had too much to do to go get them). My right elbow from being throw off a horse. My right knee from going over another horse's head when it refused a jump. Several on my stomach from gallbladder surgery.
  6. B. Saffles Farms

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    I have tons of them. Some from riding a dirtbike thru a barbed wire fence when I was 3 years old. One on my elbow from surgery to repair a broken bone. One from having my appendix removed. A numerous other small ones that I cant honestly remember where most of them came from.
  7. luvmychicknkids

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    I guess my coolest.....I was working at a deli when I was really young. Using the slicer to slice meat for a sandwich. The lady is standing there watching me make it of course. I ended up sticking my thumb in the slicer!!! [​IMG] It threw it back when it hit the bone. Blood started flying everywhere. I am a very calm person in those situations, though. [​IMG] I turned off the slicer, grabbed my thumb and quietly said "I don't think you will be wanting that sandwich, I need to go take care of this". It took a few stitches of course. That scar still dries out and hurts and that was many years ago!!!

    I have to add my oldest son's really cool scar. He was a 25 week preemie and spent 3 months in the hospital at birth, a good portion of which he had a ventilator breathing for him. The ventilator tube was taped at the corner of his mouth to prevent it from getting pulled out. One of the nurses was changing the tape and accidentally ripped a chunk out of his top lip. It is a pretty obvious scar (he is 11 now). Every time I see that scar it is an instant reminder how lucky I am to have him. [​IMG]
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    LOTS of scars!! Put my face through a side window of a car in an accident

    Split open my forehead going over the handlebars of my bike as a kid

    Broke my nose 5 (yep 5!) times various means - mostly for failing to realize that the law of gravity did apply to me! [​IMG]

    Put a piece of wood through my palm - DH calls that my stigmata scar!

    Nice one on my hip - dislocated it needed some muscle repair.

    Oh yeah and then there is that cutie I got as a souvenir for having my daughter. (Who inherited my disregard for gravity [​IMG] )
  9. rooster0209

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    during church camp I fell down a mountain path and broke both bones and my wrist on my left arm. One set the swelling cut off circulation to my fingers. The doctor opened my arm and cut the sheath around the muscle to allow for circulation. I have a long scar, 27 stitches down the under side of my left arm, and a small ragged scar on my wrist where the bones came thru.

    mom was so proud, I never do anything half way [​IMG]

    I have a few other minor ones from childhood.

    A new recent one under my right eye. I was carrying my cat and ducked under the garage door (was feeding them) and the cat thought I was going to drop him. He grabbed to hang on and got my cheek instead. It ads character plus fair skin doesnt show scars so bad
  10. Kesta

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    i only have one and after 6 years its hardly visible. when i was six my mom took my brother to boyscouts and left myself and my 2 sisters at home with my stepdad.of course he made us clean and clean. well right before he left my brother had broken a plate an when it was cleaned up it was put in a plastic trash bag of all things! well while cleaning my stepdad was chasing my sister with a belt while she was taking that very trash bag out and she brushed right next to me ad i got this sharp painin my upper right thigh. i thought it was just a bruise and went on. after a few minutes the pain became unbearable and i looked at it. lo and behold it was bleeding very badly. and this had happened through my clothes! well as soon as my step dad saw it he called my mom who is a nurse and she told him to wash it and put a bandaid on it and she would be right there. well we went to the emergency care center and turns out the cut was almost all the way to my bone! well i refused to let them put in stiches and ended up with steri strips. and a couple weeks later we realized that i was allergic to them! after 6 years of thinking i wasnt allergic to anything turns out i was allergic to a kind of bandaid! to this day ive been very careful not to get cut very deeply as to avoid having to get stiches

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