scary experience


Jan 16, 2019
my new exchequer serama pullets and cockerel have gotten used to the flock so i let them stay their first night in the coop. i leave at 7 in the morning to go to the horse farm i visit every thursday. before i left i opened the coop door and checked on the seramas. they were all snuggled up. i left and came back around 4. i went to go see the flock. everyone ran up to me but louie my serama cockerel was the only serama i saw. his 2 sisters were nowhere in sight. i said hi little louie are you sisters in the nestbox? i looked nothing. i turned the run upside down nothing. then i had an idea. my silver duckwing oegb hides in the coop rafters. i looked in the rafters expecting to see them and no. there were no signs of feathers, footprints, blood, or little chick bodies. i checked around the run for holes even though i check daily. no holes. i went to my friends house and asked for assistance. we thought of ideas and searched gor 2 hours. no signs of any birds. i held louie the cockerel sadly. then after searching at her house we went to sit silently in the chicken run to think. they i thught i heard a faint cheep. they still cheep. and i walked put of the run and looked around i went to the other side of the run. hurry i called to my friend. what we saw was crazy. the 2 pullets were running up the hill going up to the run from the road. we scooped up the chicks and put them inside. i later realized they could fit through the fencing holes in the run but there brother cant because he has big wings. im very excited they are safe it was scary!
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