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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ThornyRidge, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Does anyone know of a site or photos that show different normal /abnormal droppings.. I thought I remembered seeing this somewhere but for the life of me can't remember. I know most droppings should be a greyish cast with the white urea bump on the top, but every once in awhile I get some that will poop seemingly normal and then will poop a orangeish/black/brownish pudding like consistency.. would this be diet or parasite. I have never seen segments of worms or anything.. as far as diet they get a 17% commercial layer crumble and some scratch daily along with some hay/grass yesterday I gave them some grapes and lettuce, in the summer they do forage around the woods for bugs/junk.. I also throw out some oyster shell and grit.

    I am excited even though I have had chickens now for going on 8 years there is a "backyard poultry talk" happening in my town this weekend with a retired poultry vet from Ohio State speaking.. I actually have so many questions its unreal.. I am gonna bring up the poop question as well as best feed, routine meds/worming and withdrawal times.. so excited.

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    Can you let us know what you learn from the Ohio State vet ? What a great event!
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    I'd LOVE to pick a chicken vet's mind. You lucky!!!!
  5. I see some orange dark brown pudding poops too. was wondering

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    I know that the white part is urine and the brown, grey , black, green part is #@@#%$#%.
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