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So this is buggin me... There is a kid in my Compter Science class that always comes to class with his iPod on and "earbuds" in, but his music is so loud I can hear it very clearly from like 5 feet away. It is super annoying. I usually get to class about 5-10 minutes before the professor, so I am having to listen to this racket for that period of time. And to make matters worse? It's that RAP CRAP!!!

Yes, he shuts it off (or at least turns it down) when class actually begins. Now while I do own an iPod, I do not tote it around campus in my back pocket blassting my eardrums out. It is pretty much permanently homed in my car...
So heres the question... this kid is definately being annoying, but is he being rude?
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It's a fine line I suppose. The earbuds are made so that only he can hear it. Unfortunately, he has probably cranked up the volume so far that his hearing is suffering. So the volume it's at now is comfortable for him.

I believe it would be more rude to tell him to turn it down than to overlook it. Then again, you could always bring your own Ipod.
Could you politely ask him to turn it down - you want to study or something? I agree that it is unfortunately common behavior anymore.
It bugs me too.. But I don't feel its neccisarily rude.. HAve you tried asking him to turn it down as it distracts you... Sometimes folks just need to be asked..
My personal opinion is that its rude.. It would bug me also.
BUT...he does shut it off during
A young kid on campus, not really rude, annoying, but pretty normal. Now, if he was in church...

If it bothers you, you could always politely ask him to turn it down and explain you can hear it very clearly and it's disturbing you.
I wonder if he will remember that when he is in him 40's and has a constant ringing in his ears and can't hear very well in a group of people talkin a large crowd. My DH has that from hunting without ear protection and loud music he freely admits and regrets now. He sat our 19 (then 15) year old down and explained what it is like in vivid detail. He now protects his hearing for even the smallest jobs with the chain saw or anything loud. Reminds me often that I'll lose it if I don't take better care of it and he is right. The ringing is what makes his life miserable.
He's young, and doesn't realize anything about it yet
I would ask himif he knows of the long-term effects that loud music will do to his hearing............

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